Saber Data Photo: RecognizeGood Launch Launches

The TyRex Group is a founding sponsor of a very special social media website that launched recently. The website is called It was the inspiration of TyRex Group Principal and Co-founder John Bosch Jr. in association with The Samaritan Center of Austin. The purpose of the site is to recognize and acknowledge the thousands of good deeds that go unnoticed in our community. Visitors can log into the site and publicly recognize someone who has done something good for someone else. Any act of kindness from the very simplest to the most extraordinary (ie.Changed your world) can be acknowledged and recognized. RecognizeGood is an innovative new type of social media site dedicated to the sharing of good deeds and acts of kindness. It is fully integrated with some of the most popular social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. When a visitor wants to recognize someone they simply log in and tell the story. A video can also be uploaded via YouTube to add a personal touch to the tribute.

There is no cost to log in or submit a recognition. There is an option to make a donation to honor the good deed. The honoree is given the opportunity to choose the local charity that will benefit. The donation is matched by a corporate sponsor and shared between the charity and The Samaritan Center. In the first few weeks the site received over 2,700 visits. Since it’s launch in May the site has been visited by people from 40 states in the U.S. and 26 countries. “That is really good for a brand new website,” said Nancy Blaich of The Samaritan Center. According to John Bosch Jr., “Our vision is to have an impact far beyond our city. It occured to me that this could grow into a real movement and redefine the positive spirit of our many communities in the U.S. and beyond. Visit

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