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Saber Data is your premier partner for software development with a dedicated team experienced on a wide range of platforms including mobile (Android, iOS, Windows), Linux and Windows. In addition to our development offerings, we also provide hardware and software integration, resource augmentation, project management / planning, IT management, website services and consulting. Over the years, Saber Data has offered customers in a vast array of industries (including Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Logistics, Gaming, Bitcoin, Retail / Etail, Telecom, Nonprofits) with custom, stand-alone and bundled services to meet their software, hardware, online and IT needs. With a team that has over 120 years combined of technical experience in Java, .Net, Oracle, SQL, Sharepoint, SAP, C+, HTML/5, Perl, Open-Source and more, we are ready to tackle and solve your information technology issues as well as your software needs.


Saber Data was established as a legal entity, under the TyRex Family of Companies, in 2005. Since its inception, Saber Data has not only engaged in a variety of information technology projects encompassing diverse areas within the TyRex family, but it has also provided solutions to large fortune 500 companies. A leader in its field, Saber Data’s services enable today’s business systems to capture, transfer and distribute information that is vital to business success. Grounded with a strong business ethics background as well as an experienced staff, Saber Data takes on small-, medium- or large-scale projects, while assisting companies on a short- or long-term basis. Quality, timeliness and cost-effectiveness are the cornerstones of Saber Data’s customer engagements.

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