Saber Data partners with your business to assist in choosing the right technology to solve the right problem through our wide-range of quality, cost-effective Software Solutions and Information Technology Services. Through our efforts in-house as well as with our off-shore partners, we will equip your company with the research, data and information you need to make the right decision regarding your present and future technology needs in order to allow you to grow your business. Our design and architecture philosophy centers on first understanding domain process and requirements, and developing base interfaces and services that are easily extended to accommodate future growth. With expertise in all facets of multi-tier system development, Saber Data’s strength lies in its ability to design and implement the full end-to-end technology path from client presentation to data storage. Let our staff provide your company with any of the following services:

Saber Data is a proud member of the TyRex Family of Technology Companies. Along with our family companies, Saber Data can also help provide you with custom technology solutions throughout the entire product life cycle. In fact, by leveraging the capabilities of our family network, Saber Data can go beyond its general software development offerings to provide you with a complete, one-stop solution that includes product reliability testing, DLP & optics solutions, custom cables & assemblies, fiber optic solutions and end-to-end factory services (logistics, life cycle management and more)!

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