Saber Data partners with your business to assist in choosing the right technology to solve the right problem through our wide-range of quality, cost-effective Software Solutions and Information Technology Services. Through our efforts in-house as well as with our off-shore partners, we will equip your company with the research, data and information you need to make the right decision regarding your present and future technology needs in order to allow you to grow your business. Our design and architecture philosophy centers on first understanding domain process and requirements, and developing base interfaces and services that are easily extended to accommodate future growth. With expertise in all facets of multi-tier system development, Saber Data’s strength lies in its ability to design and implement the full end-to-end technology path from client presentation to data storage. Let our staff provide your company with any of the following services:

  • Software Development
  • Integration
  • Resource Augmentation
  • Project Management
  • IT Management
  • Consulting

Saber Data is a proud member of the TyRex Family of Technology Companies. Along with our family companies, Saber Data can also help provide you with custom technology solutions throughout the entire product life cycle. In fact, by leveraging the capabilities of our family network, Saber Data can go beyond its general software development offerings to provide you with a complete, one-stop solution that includes product reliability testing, DLP & optics solutions, custom cables & assemblies, fiber optic solutions and end-to-end factory services (logistics, life cycle management and more)! Click here for more information on the TyRex Technology Family.

Software Development

Whatever your software needs, Saber Data can provide the precise solution that your unique business requires. We also specialize in developing in-house, custom mobile applications for smart phones, tablets and other devices by using state-of-the-art tools across today’s most widely-used platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. Focusing on UX design, we build software solutions that are simple, easy to use, and, most importantly, bring users to our customers. Trust us to take your software project from start to finish or handle any of the steps in between while expecting a high-quality and cost-effective result.

Business Analysis or Requirements Gathering

Our consultants are experienced engineers who understand business needs in order to map them into business requirements or requirements specifications. Working with either our own tools and processes or those provided by the organization, our consulting team can meet your analysis and requirement needs.


Our team members work on both small and large-scale projects in a wide variety of domains, and are experts in state-of-the-art technologies. Let us assemble software architectures to address your business needs – from scalability challenges to mobile multi-platform solutions and more.


Whether jumping into an existing project or creating a software design from inception, our team can help. Regardless of the level of the software design project or the requirements already defined, our team can analyze, make recommendations, and improve or implement designs to meet your needs.


Whether or not business requirements are in place, our staff can supplement development teams or start implementation from scratch. With a wide variety of skill sets (Java, .NET, Mobile, Web, Databases and more), we provide proven development processes and quality assurance based on customer requirements.

Quality Assurance

We place a premium on quality throughout every step of every project. With decades of experience, we put together quality acumen that are of the highest standard and establish practices for your teams to follow during subsequent software initiatives.

Integration with Existing & New Technologies

Whether building new functionality on top of existing technology, scaling technology or building a mobile strategy, our team does it.

Migration to New Platforms & Technologies

Our staff studies, evaluates and recommends new technologies as they evolve. We strive to be your trusted technology partner by developing IT and software growth strategies for you.


Our team has experience in not only software solutions, but also solutions that are based on hardware. From telecom solutions to systems and device management, high-performance hardware, custom hardware and more, we will not only help you investigate and build solutions for the future, but help you both support and enhance them as well. One such solution is cloud computing. Whatever the platform may be, our cloud computing solutions leverage the latest available technology to bring you cost-effective cloud integration.

Resource Augmentation

In order to provide the best option based on your needs, our staff members can augment your current projects or develop custom solutions just for you. We can also augment our own talent by partnering with offshore resources at competitive rates to build your cost-effective solution.

Project Management

After building solutions for decades, our team has project management and planning aptitude you can count on. Based on processes, whether Agile, Waterfall or any combination, our staff can bring expertise in project management and planning to our customers, either as a stand-alone service or one added with other services. By working with multiple domains in all capacities to provide software and hardware solutions to our customers, our team can also provide product management services for any number of products. Our role can be limited to  a single release of the product or we can provide ongoing support.

IT Management

Managing IT infrastructure for multiple companies is no issue for our team. We understand IT infrastructure and can evaluate objectives, make recommendations, implement and/or provide services as well as support. We are a trusted IT partner that ensures high-quality infrastructure and facilities are available now and into the future.


We provide consulting services for any software or combination of hardware and software projects. With decades of experience in a wide variety of domains, Saber Data can help any organization in areas related to software, hardware or IT-based technologies. Whatever your needs or wants – including technology, process or quality assessments – we can help.