AM/3D Printing Aided by AI - New Product Ideas

You have an opportunity to create brand new products and applications (hereby referred to as product), using some of the advanced technologies aided by AI, developed by TyRex Associates STG 4 Fronts and RF Scientific and TyRex Entity Saber Data as part of the TyRex Family of Technology Companies.

Saber Data has developed a process to extract new Additive Manufacturing Products and Application possibilities from the uniquely crafted Additive Manufacturing Universe. Saber Data has the Additive Manufacturing Universe of investigations covered and with its licensed patented AI aided technologies defined process to deduce from the universe to a single point giving the user visibility into the creation of a new product. These new AM/3D Printable products can be developed using the Additive Manufacturing processes of manufacturing but not by the traditional manufacturing, not revolutionizing by evolutionizing the processes of future manufacturing.  Thus, reducing the cost and time between concept to 3D production by an estimated 70-90% such new innovative products.

Further, Saber Data has processes defined for 3D Printing aided by AI design through 3D Printing optimization.

The process of developing a new product starts with as simple as selecting a manufacturing industry category or sub-category for the area or the domain in which the new product idea is to be developed.  Click on the button below to submit your query for the new AM/3D Printing/Aided by AI product idea.

High level free information for a new product idea based on Saber Data’s (TyRex Associates Licensed) patented AI aided technology will be communicated via email.

If you have questions or want to find out more, click on the button below.

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