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Saber Data is pleased to announce its partnership as a Microsoft Certified Reseller of Microsoft Surface Hubs. As Saber Data continues to provide the latest and best in enterprise-level IT solutions, we’ve found that line of Surface Hubs to fit the bill.

Originally released in 2015, the original Surface Hub revolutionized workplace collaboration with its user-friendly blend of digital whiteboarding along with video conferencing and a variety of presentation options all contained in a portable package. Through extensive customer feedback and testing, Microsoft’s 2020 plans for the Surface Hub looks brighter than ever with numerous upgrades to its Microsoft Teams implementation and a massive 85.6 inch version of the hub on the horizon.

Through partnerships such as the one with Saber Data, companies can have turnkey installations taken care of from the ground up: site evaluations, security implementation, and actual physical installation can all be handled through Saber Data.

Matching the power of the Surface Hub with Saber Data’s expertise in all aspects of IT solutions means that companies can have the best collaboration tools available in a world more reliant on them than ever.

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